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A Key Exercise for a More Powerful First Step

There many exercises performance coaches use to exploit power in training sessions, including medicine ball throws, Olympic lifts and the spectrum of Plyometrics. A well thought-out curriculum of training should have all of the aforementioned skills implemented over the course of an athlete’s career. One exercise that has been in my arsenal for years is […]

Resisted Acceleration A-run

All sports have varying degrees and needs for acceleration. Yet, if we look across the spectrum of sports, we see vast similarities in mechanics. Watch Adrian Peterson taking a handoff and busting through the line, Everth Cabrera stealing a base, Wes Welker releasing off the line of scrimmage, Serena Williams sprinting to the net for a […]

Effective Vertimax Training

As I mentioned in my last post, we’re now going to dive into more specific methods of performance training. We’ll cover everything from breakdowns of individual exercises, basic programming strategies and advance strategies to elicit very specific responses. In this post, we’ll get into the use of a specific piece of equipment that I implement […]

Core Training

As you my have noticed, these first 10 blog posts have set the foundation of my training philosophy. This one is no different, but it’s worth mentioning my intent, because after this one, we’ll move into exploring exercises from the track to the field to the weight room; hitting on all training variables. Throughout these […]