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A Key Exercise for a More Powerful First Step

There many exercises performance coaches use to exploit power in training sessions, including medicine ball throws, Olympic lifts and the spectrum of Plyometrics. A well thought-out curriculum of training should have all of the aforementioned skills implemented over the course of an athlete’s career. One exercise that has been in my arsenal for years is […]

‘What’ vs ‘How’

Regardless the ‘system of training’ a coach subscribes to, we all go through a process to evaluate the approach we’ll use to reach the goal for our client. First, we have to identify who the athlete is based on biological, chronological and training age. From here, we probably move on to our battery of tests […]

Subtle Movements

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you know ‘efficiency’ is a cornerstone of my training philosophy. As coaches, we have all developed a personal foundation to our training approach. This is the tenant on which we focus our energy and encourage ‘buy-in’ from our athletes. However, a problem with this is that our […]

Mastering ‘The Machine’

As coaches and trainers, we have many different equipment options for training our athletes. Barbells, dumbbells, isolated equipment, medicine balls, TRX, kettlebells, Elastomers, Sandbells and bags, weighted sleds, battle ropes and the list goes on! All this equipment exists to further exploit our athletes’ strength, explosiveness, speed, agility and stability. Ultimately all these tools are only as […]

What’s In a Number?

Most coaches use a battery of tests to determine a needs analysis for their athletes. Tests from the vertical jump, broad jump, pro agility shuttles and the 40 yard dash are all used to evaluate athletes in all sports. Many practitioners are content with the quantitative number but the qualitative evaluation of these tests can […]