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Resisted Acceleration A-run

All sports have varying degrees and needs for acceleration. Yet, if we look across the spectrum of sports, we see vast similarities in mechanics. Watch Adrian Peterson taking a handoff and busting through the line, Everth Cabrera stealing a base, Wes Welker releasing off the line of scrimmage, Serena Williams sprinting to the net for a […]

Core Training

As you my have noticed, these first 10 blog posts have set the foundation of my training philosophy. This one is no different, but it’s worth mentioning my intent, because after this one, we’ll move into exploring exercises from the track to the field to the weight room; hitting on all training variables. Throughout these […]

‘What’ vs ‘How’

Regardless the ‘system of training’ a coach subscribes to, we all go through a process to evaluate the approach we’ll use to reach the goal for our client. First, we have to identify who the athlete is based on biological, chronological and training age. From here, we probably move on to our battery of tests […]

Subtle Movements

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you know ‘efficiency’ is a cornerstone of my training philosophy. As coaches, we have all developed a personal foundation to our training approach. This is the tenant on which we focus our energy and encourage ‘buy-in’ from our athletes. However, a problem with this is that our […]