What’s In a Number?

Most coaches use a battery of tests to determine a needs analysis for their athletes. Tests from the vertical jump, broad jump, pro agility shuttles and the 40 yard dash are all used to evaluate athletes in all sports. Many practitioners are content with the quantitative number but the qualitative evaluation of these tests can […]

What Makes a Good Coach?

When you think of a good coach who do you picture? John Wooden, Pat Summit, Bill Belichick? Or is it someone who had an impact on you during your playing days? Whether it is recreation sport, middle school, high school, or even the elite level sports, someone somewhere along the way has made an impact […]

What’s Your Warm Up?

Whether you’re an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, everyone has their own strategy to prepare for workouts or competition. Most warm ups are based on what our coaches taught us early in life, and, in many instances, some series of superstitious stretches or jogging laps that seem to make all the difference in the […]

Ready. Set. Go!

Hello and welcome to my blog.  This will be an on going project that will have lots of useful information and insights for coaches, parents, trainers, therapists, sport enthusiasts and those obsessed with motivational and training strategies. I feel the best way for people who want to read my posts is to first tell you […]